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Hale County's King signs with Lawson State

Hale County High School point guard Wyman King had just about given up on his dream of playing basketball at the college level. Despite averaging about 18 points, seven assists and five rebounds a game during his senior season, the Wildcats’ floor general was not hearing much from college coaches. 

That was until the night of his graduation when his little brother met him with a basketball in hand and told him he’d need it pretty soon because he had just received a full scholarship to Lawson State Community College. 

“I was so excited, man,” King said. “I really didn’t think I’d be going anywhere to play yet. That’s what I always wanted to do, go to the next level and play basketball ... When I got that news, I was just ecstatic.”

Thursday, King’s family and friends, as well as Hale County coaches, gathered at Moundville Public Library as he signed his official letter of intent. 

“I couldn’t want for a better person than Wyman,” Hale County coach Antwan Butler said prior to King signing. “He’s well-mannered and never got into any trouble. If I pull out my phone, I can show you countless text messages: ‘Coach I’m headed to the gym early, can you get a ball out for me?’ 

“As a coach, you want that as a player. He’s self motivated. I didn’t do this, he did. He earned this scholarship, and that’s a testament to his parents, his hard work, his teammates. He worked hard at it, and he really deserves it.” 

King’s strong work ethic in the gym was ultimately what impressed Lawson State coaches during a workout last month that led to his scholarship. 

“I went to a tryout down at Lawson a few weeks back, and the coaches really liked my game and my demeanor,” King said. “I played pretty well, and that’s when he said he decided to give me the scholarship.”

King said he is excited to play at Lawson because of how close it is to home. He said it was important for his family to be able to come up and watch him play, but also so he can come back and cheer on the Wildcats as often as possible. 

“That is one of the best parts about it,” he said. “It’s only 45 minutes away, so I can come home whenever I want. I got my little brother here and he is going to be playing, so I want to be able to watch him. That’s one of my favorite parts.”

King also said he liked the style of play Lawson State coaches demonstrated during the workout, and believes his up-tempo nature will work well into the Cougars’ scheme. King will also try to bring his leadership abilities to the next level. 

Despite being a freshman, he said he plans to come into the program ready to be a contributor early on. 

“Nothing changes,” King said. “You have to get guys to respect you, and to do that you have to play your game and show them that you are good. It’s all hard work. I’m going to be in the gym at all hours. That’s how you get success, just working.”