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Greensboro's Smith humble off field, ‘beast’ on it

Greensboro running back Jevontey Smith (2) stretches for a first down in the first quarter of their win against the Northside Rams, Sept. 16, 2011 (Photo by T.G. Paschal)

JeVontey Smith is a player of many talents.

Smith, a wide receiver prospect from Greensboro High School, can make plays all over the field.

He can make plays receiving: He had 36 receptions for 656 receiving yards and six touchdowns in 2011. He can make plays rushing: 300 rushing yards and a pair of touchdowns. He can make plays in the kicking game: 390 return yards and two touchdowns. He can even make plays when he’s nowhere near the ball, drawing attention from opposing defenders and opening up plays for his teammates.

For Greensboro coach Curtis Graves, Smith’s natural ability on the field demands attention.

"He’s helped us out tremendously," Graves said. "He gives us a lot of options. ... He’s the guy that’s the main focus for a lot of defenses, and he’s got lot of other guys open as well.

"When I need a big play, I go to him. Every time. I don’t care if the other team knows it or not. He’s just that type of player.

Still, Graves said one of the most impressive things about Smith isn’t just his physical ability, but his leadership on offense and his demeanor.

"(Off the field,) he’s a very humble kid," Graves said. "You would never think that he’s a good player, his character is just so meek and humble that he doesn’t stand out as a showtime player.

"But on the field, he’s just the opposite. He kind of turns into another person and becomes a man from a boy. He goes into this other state. He just plays hard, by example."

Still, Smith said some of his humbleness shows up on the field with him. Smith said he doesn’t like to play himself up or talk trash to opponents. Instead, Smith would rather lead through his actions.

"I’m not really a vocal person," he said. "I lead by example. I’m not a speaking person, but I go on the field, show them how to do it, and how to lead them."

For his leadership and natural ability, Smith — No. 48 in The Tuscaloosa News’ Alabama’s Most Wanted — has garnered the attention of schools across the Southeast, including Middle Tennessee, Tennessee, Kentucky and Mississippi State.

Smith said he’s continually working to make himself a better player for his team.

And for Graves, that’s exactly what’s going to help Smith flourish at the next level.

"(Whoever Smith commits to,) they’re going to get a humble kid off the field," Graves said. "and a guy that goes beast mode on the field."